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  Lianyungang Aobo Quartz Products CO.,LTD. is located in the country"s leading "Crystal City" -- producing quartz crystal Donghai County in Jiangsu Province. Company obvious advantages in location, traffic developed, and even Howard Expressway habitat and excessive wear, from the expressway-out exit linked Howard, the Beijing-Shanghai, Ning even with the third-class highway. From the international port of Lianyungang 35 km, Lianyungang aviation airport, 10 km east Donghai County Longhai Railway Station, 20 km, State AAAA level Attractions Huaguoshan 25 km baitabu shipping terminal 10 kilometers.
  The company"s principal products are Clear Fused Quartz Glass Tube、milk white Quartz Glass Tube、Ozone-free Quartz Tube、Ultraviolet-filtrating、Quartz Rod、Quartz tube processing、Quartz Instrument、Metal Halide Lamp series, and the other uses quartz products. Meanwhile quartz glass tube can be right for cutting, burning mouth, gagged and bending, nubuck, profiled and other deep-processing, and superb skills, At the same industry have a higher reputation! products are widely used -- light, semiconductors, electric heating, infrared heating, optical communications, chemical sectors, was well received by users.
  Companies with advanced production equipment, first-class technical talent, good production environment and the unique expertise and advanced management, domestic product has reached with the industry in Asia until the advanced level. Companies rely on the years of production experience and constant technological improvements, and their clients to cooperate sincerely laid an excellent foundation, gracious welcome businessmen from the patrons, in business negotiations.
  Another company with branches in Xi"an, the major lines of business : sales Halide Lamp series products, series of indoor and outdoor lighting products, mineral products Series lighting, street lighting Plaza series products, Lighting Products supporting the electrical series, the site of undertaking large-scale lighting installations.
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